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377 Battery - Button Cell Batteries

The 377 battery is a 1.55V button cell battery used in many watches, calculators, lasers, toys, medical devices, and small electronics. 

377 / 376 Batteries

$2.50 + Free Shipping

Compatible Batteries

The 377 battery number is a common name used by many manufactures, but there are many other generic battery names that are equivalent and can also be used.
The 377 battery is compatible with the following batteries:
SR66, AG4, SG4, LR66, 177, SR626, SR626SW

Where to Buy
The 377 battery can be bought at many department and electronic stores.  The prices have an approximate range from $3.27 to $4.99 per battery.


$3.27 per battery + tax

$4.14 per battery + tax

$3.30per battery

Other Stores
Walgreens$3.50 per battery (2 pack)
Office Depot
$3.59 per battery (single)
Radio Shack$4.99 per battery (single)

How to Save Money on 377 Batteries
You can save a great deal of money by buying the generic AG4 button battery.  While a 377 battery may last a little longer due to the silver-oxide electrochemical makeup, the alkaline AG4 battery is much cheaper and you could buy many AG4 batteries for the price of one 377 battery.  A typical AG4 battery can be over ten times cheaper.

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